Critter Construction

Working on a set of kits cut out with my CNC machine. First of three critters.

Gilbert Progress

More work on my Gilbert VA LDE. Have most of the concrete mountain sides finished but I still need some wood at the bottom for trim. But almost there- time to start on another section. I still have not quite decided on a track plan but I do have ideas for both sides of this ‘island’.

My first CNC Building – Gilbert Grocery Store

This is going into my town of Gilbert, I’m still working the details on making a foundation for it. I’m also thinking I need to supply a good set of lighting situations for this as well so that means a power grid of some sort. Hmm. Lots of engineering challenges here :)

Spring 2015

As it warms up, I’m back outside, doing some spring cleaning and getting the garden in shape, but mostly I’m working on my shed, turning it into a shop. It’s all cleaned out with new bench work but is in need of a permanent power source. Right now I just have a couple of extension cords running out there. To that end I’ll be wiring a subpanel in with outside disconnect to give me 240v out there. I won’t actually use the 240, just 120 from the 2 legs but I figure one leg for the computer and the other leg for power tools will keep things clean.

I am also putting together a Probotix X90 3D router to make buildings and structures for the railroad. I also plan to upgrade my resin casting to include a vacumm pump for de-gassing molds and a pressure pot to pressurize the castings. I’ve gotten acceptable results with just pouring resin but its quite iffy and many of the castings are not useable because of air pockets. As I upgrade to more precise 3D prints, I want to have the best casting I can get.

My ultimate goal is to provide 1:29, 1:20 and perhaps 1:32 scale building kits and figures for the large scale train market. This is just and idea for now but I do want to get the infrastructure and skills in place and see how it goes.

Warehouse for Gilbert




Some scratch building and stuff. Stick built warehouse with resin cast windows, doors and people. This will be weather proofed as well as possible then go on a concrete foundation in downtown Gilbert. Not really suited to outdoors all the time, just in good weather.

First bit of Operations

First little bit of operations on the Eastern Appalachian. Not much but gotta start somewhere! This is my RS3 running my own Xbee based Ardunio compatible control system. More details of that can be found at if you are interested in the particulars of that. I plan to use this control system on the entire railroad once it’s built.

Laying Track





Finally! Laid some track! The concrete shell has hardened up nicely, this is working out really well, just like plaster inside. I have switched to another mesh, just old plastic chicken netting streched over the frame and stapled down. Works quite well actually and has the advantage of being free.

I’m now waiting on some tubing to show up so I can take a crack at making some latching solenoids to throw the turnouts with.